Chemical Peeling Solutions for Bright Face

Peeling is so synonymous with facials (cleansing of facial skins from pimples and blackheads) that are often offered by many beauty salons or clinics. Usually peeling and facials are offered in a facial skin care package with varying prices. Generally, those who are over-peeling feel the effects of slight itching and sore, followed by exfoliation. For those of you who have never tried, peeling is divided into several ways, ranging from peeling mechanics using scrubs or dermabrasion tools, peeling chemicals or chemical peels and peels using lasers. To get the proper and professional treatment for chemical peeling, you can visit

Currently, people are more familiar with chemical peels, but many do not understand the real meaning and the benefits of routine chemical peeling on the face. This reason also underlies many women carelessly doing chemical peels in the salon even at home without consulting with a skin doctor first. Chemical peeling is the act of smoothing irritant chemicals in order to accelerate the exfoliation of the skin metabolically, toxic and caustic so that the skin regeneration occurs. Its function is to make your face brighter, firmer, eliminate black spots due to exposure to sunlight, acne scars, and wounds, and also reduce wrinkles. This treatment should not be done haphazardly because it must be handled by a doctor or expert therapist.

Chemical peels also have concentration levels ranging from 10% to 20% and so on. The ingredients used for one facial treatment are about 3 ccs except for any combination of materials or different layers of work methods. For that required knowledge and special skills of doctors in order not to cause complications such as cases of hyperpigmentation of type III skin type. In fact, rare cases of complications due to chemical peeling treatment. If it happens it must be due to poor patient selection. Perform chemical peels once a month to avoid infection, erythema, atrophy, milia, urticaria and toxic shock syndrome.


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