Dangers of Excess Fat on the Waist

Fat in the abdominal area, aka visceral fat, is more dangerous because it can trigger an abnormal increase in hormones, such as high insulin hormone, low testosterone in males and progesterone in women, high cortisol hormone production, and low growth hormone. Such abnormalities can lead to various disorders of body function. The body becomes more resistant to insulin and can increase blood sugar levels that result in diabetes mellitus.

In addition, the accumulated fat cannot be accommodated by the tissues under the skin which is the storage of fat in the body. Then these fats accumulate and settle in some organs and can affect the process of metabolism and body function.

How to reduce waist circumference? The key is to do a healthy lifestyle. Always low-calorie, low fat, and high fiber foods. Reduce foods with too much salt and sugar. Expand eating foods that contain unsaturated fats compared to foods high in saturated fat. Then, do regular exercise with moderate intensity. In addition, you can also use the best waist trainer for plus size.


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