How to sell a used computer

Bored with the computer or laptop you have? Or is your laptop or computer has an incomplete specification? If yes, then you can replace your old laptop or computer with the latest model laptop. Surely some of you are confused with what to do on your old laptop when deciding to replace it with a laptop or a new computer. One of the best solutions you can do is to sell old computer accessories, so you will have extra money to buy a laptop or computer with the latest type. Along with the development of the increasing age, making a variety of technological tools including computers increasingly sophisticated, therefore, it is no wonder many people sell and exchange old computers to get a computer with the latest models and tech. Meanwhile, you can check out the used computer ขายคอมมือสอง if you also want to buy the cheaper one.

Generally, it is very difficult for those of you who want to sell a

laptop or computer forever, because of few enthusiasts and people who are interested to buy an old computer. Therefore, for those of you who want to sell used computer accessories, you should consider some tips and how easy to sell these items at a high price.


The display is the most important thing when you sell used goods. You can make the look of things look more interesting by cleaning your computer or laptop so it looks like new.


the other most important thing when you want to sell used laptop or computer, you have to re-install the computer.

Backup data

It is no less important that by backing up and moving data owned on the computer or laptop, so the data is safe and not lost.

replace broken spare parts

if there is damage to your computer or laptop, then you can replace damaged parts or spare parts with new spare parts.

add bonus

you can add bonus computer accessories like mouse, cooling pad and others to anyone who buys your computer.

Promote offline and online

You can offer computers or laptops to everyone either offline or online.


It is very important when you sell a laptop, you must be honest with the customer about the condition of the goods.


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