Know Two Types of Herbal Medicine

Today, many people are takingĀ to cure illness suffered or just to keep their body healthy. The many types of herbal remedies do make someone more choose to use them rather than chemical-based drugs that have many side effects.

However, did you know that herbal medicine turned out to be grouped into two types? The two types are

1. Traditional Herbal Medicine
Many people call this is the herb. The ingredients used in this drug are known as materials that have been used since long time ago and obtained from the recipe of Indonesia’s cultural heritage.

2. Non-traditional herbal medicine
The content of this drug does not exist in the history of traditional medicine in Indonesia since a long time ago. However, all the ingredients are considered to be beneficial to the body and some diseases suffered.

All kinds of herbal remedies are not sold for granted. They must pass a series of tests conducted by the drug regulatory body and if passed in the test, the above drugs can only be released into the market.


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