The Cause of Immune System Decreased

Some daily habits can actually lower a person’s immune system. If you feel something or something different from your health while you are still undergoing the same activities, it is better to have a supplement supply that will work for the immune system. If you do not know where to get the quality product, do the research and read the review on daya tahan tubuh.

Reducing sleep time will have a strong detrimental effect on immunity, this is because less sleep is associated with decreased immune system function and reduces the number of cells that function against germs. Researchers from the University of Chicago found people who slept 4 hours, will only produce as many as 50 percents of the antibodies in the blood. In addition, those who are less actively engaged will also be susceptible to several diseases associated with a weak immune system. A person who always uses a vehicle and never walks will make himself more susceptible to illness and decreased immunity compared with people who walk regularly. Experts say walking or aerobics for 30 minutes can make the white blood cells back into circulation and the immune system back more smoothly.


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