These are Four Reasons Why Insurance Claims Are Rejected

There are many events that can happen during human life. For that, everyone is required to prepare various things to attend to it. one that can be done in preparation is to use the right insurance. Landlord insurance can be the right insurance to protect any assets owned. However, you know the best landlord insurance policy to get the best insurance that fits your needs.

Unfortunately, there are still some people who do not understand why the insurance claim filed cannot be approved by the insurer. There are several reasons why this happens, some of which are

1. Claim Submission Over Specified Time Limit
Insurance claims may be delayed or even denied if the claim handling exceeds the time specified. Insurance always gives a certain time limit for the management of this claim. By the time limit, the claim may be rejected.

2. Claim Document Not Complete
You need to know all the documents that must be provided when making a claim. Just one document is less, then the insurance will be very difficult to provide the claim you need. In addition, you must also fill out a claim form. You must also follow the claim procedure correctly so that your claim can be resolved and you get the claim.

3. Being In The Waiting
In certain types of insurance, it is usually a policy called mas bronze. Insurance participants will not be able to claim when they are in a waiting period. For critical illness, usually, the waiting period is 30 to 365 days.

4. Conduct Insurance Crime
The meaning of the crime here is the act of lying or sabotage committed deliberately by the parties concerned. With this error, then the claim will be very difficult to be approved can even be unilaterally canceled by the selected insurance.

Of all the claims rules that exist, you must know all these things so that your insurance process can run smoothly.


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