Things that make your AC leaks

Often not only the cold air coming out, the air conditioner also dripping water in considerable amounts. Instead of sitting back enjoying the cool air while doing the activity, we are even preoccupied with the activity of dripping water, mopping the wet floor due to the flood of droplets, to moving objects that should not be exposed to water to avoid the risk of being damaged due to electrical connections. When it becomes too severe, perhaps you need to call the aircon servicing Singapore instead.

Seen from the air-conditioning system in general, in an air-conditioning evaporator there is condensate water (liquid from condensed steam) and discharged through drainage channels. Well, if the drainage channel was clogged by dust dung that hardened and clot, the water can not flow with lancer so that eventually dammed and flowing through the mouth of the air conditioner. Another possibility that causes the air conditioner to leak (drip water) is an improper plumbing installation where the evaporator position is not higher than the condenser position so the water does not flow smoothly.


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