This Is The Reason Why These Two Countries Have A Large Number Of International Students

Education is a very important thing for many people. No wonder, if some of them choose to continue their education abroad to get the best education. One country that has many international students is The UK. There, you have to do an English test to get a visa. The English test you can do with Trinity college leeds. Visa is indeed a fundamental need for someone who will go abroad.

There is a reason why some countries below have many international students. Many students choose to continue their education in these countries.

1. The United States
– There are several universities in the country providing scholarships or loans for international students.
– With the visa you have, you can do part-time work.
– You can also get a free lecture if the results of your learning are considered good.

2. The The The UK
– Learning there always use English, this can improve your English proficiency.
– As long as you study, you are allowed to work for 20 hours for one in a week


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