This Technique Is Not Allowed In SEO

Marketing is indeed able to provide a beneficial impact for a company. Internet marketing is widely used by some entrepreneurs now is SEO. SEO services are offered by several companies to market a product. One that can do that is Jasa SEO Jakarta. By providing quality SEO services, they are able to help your company to market your products.

However, SEO also has techniques that should not be done and considered illegal by search engines, the technique is black hat or spamdexing. This technique includes several things like

– Directs users from the official page to a specific page.
– Directs users to a different page than a page that already has a warning in the search engine.
– Repeating keywords and using keywords related to this website. This is usually called a meta tag.
– Create low-quality website pages and contain very little content and be filled with very similar keywords.


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