To Make Your Ascent Light, Notice Some of It

If you often climb, the first thing you think about is how to carry everything but still feel light. Because it relates to the comfort and energy that you will dispose of when climbing. One of the items that are important to carry but has a considerable weight is the tent. However, now many tents that have a lightweight, making it easier to climb. You can get best lightweight backpacking tent at So, you do not have to worry anymore about luggage that is too heavy when you will climb.

Actually, in addition to the tent, there are many items that you can choose to weight the load you carry is not too big. Some of these objects are:

1. Selection of Carrier Bags
The selection of carrier bags should be highly addressed and tailored to your needs. This is because a large carrier bag also has a great weight. If you are going to make a short ascent of one or two days, you can carry a medium sized carrier bag. This is so that the luggage you carry is also not heavy and you can carry it easily.

2. Sleeping Bag
This object becomes one of the important things that must be taken when the climb is done. This is because the object is able to protect our bodies from the cold air in the mountains. However, choosing the right sleeping bag is also quite difficult. This is because warm sleeping bags usually have a high enough weight, and vice versa. One way you can do is to choose a sleeping bag with the type of mummy because it has a weight that is not large but able to provide warmth to the body.

3. The Right Tent
A tent is the most important thing a climber has to carry. However, you should be able to choose a tent that suits your needs and your friends. Do not choose tents that have heavy materials. Do not also have a tent that is too large, if the number of people in the climb is not too much. You have to adjust the needs of the items to be carried.


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