Training your kid’s right brain

A smart kid at school is not necessarily a bright future. To succeed, in addition to good academic value, the child must have the ability to organize and socialize well. This can be obtained if the right brain and left brain of the child is balanced and functioning optimally. Meanwhile, you can also try to use foam puzzles for toddlers for a fun way to support your child’s brain growth.

Here are some good habits you need to practice:

Train the child’s right brain

Use props to optimize the five senses, for example: to explain the division, use 20 grains of gravel divided into 2 parts of 10 each. If necessary use colorful pebbles, which can be separated into 2 parts. This will make it easier for children to remember the concept of sharing at once because the color is one of the most memorable elements of the child.

Stimulate the ability to control themselves and train the emotional stability of children, for example by giving understanding to the child when the desire is rejected or failed to achieve something, so children learn to tolerate and adapt with disappointment.

Train children to provide charity to the poor or to provide clothing that is still good for disaster victims; this activity is good to train empathy.


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