What is meta trader?

Metatrader is a software application used by traders to access the online forex brokerage system. With Metatrader, traders can trade forex easily, quickly, and equipped with advanced tools and facilities to perform an analysis. Almost all brokers in the world support their traders with this meta trader trading application platform.

Compared to other trading software, Metatrader has the advantage of providing traders with the ability to add and create custom scripts (Custom Indicator, Robot / Expert Advisor) for their trading purposes. No wonder if we easily find the scripts and indicators of robots many on the internet.

Metatrader application has many advantages to be the most widely used trading tools by traders and forex brokers in the world. However, the Metatrader application is not made by a particular forex broker, but by a specialized device developer for forex trading, Metaquotes.

Therefore, if you have been accustomed to trading using MetaTrader, but do not match the forex brokers that we now follow, then simply look for other brokers who use MetaTrader. Next, we can start trading without the need to adjust the understanding of the application again.


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