What to Prepare For Your Umrah

Do you visit to gather required information? Before leaving Umroh of course we must make preparations for umrah so that the worship that we do later in the holy land can be maximized.

There are some preparatory tips for umrah that will be covered in this article include:

I. Spiritual preparation

1. We must straighten out the solemn intention of worship for welcoming the call of Allah. The intention will determine the charity to be done, with the intent of hope will help in doing the umrah we do perfectly.

2. Repent of all wrongs ever done. We are certainly difficult to remember things that have been done d past whether to hurt people or not It is, therefore, better if before leaving umrah we ask especially sorry to father, mother, family and close neighbors.

3. Learn to know the laws of religion around umrah worship, for example, things that are prohibited during umrah including also things related to it such as praying in transit, tayammum way, prayer times, how to do sunnah prayer and the ways of fellow Muslims.


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